Best methods to master poker

During the poker boom, it was the dream of many players to emerge as a master poker. However, many of them gave up poker following crushing defeats. Even now many players return from the poker table after facing bitter experiences. Still, those who perform are winning a lot of money from poker. So, not only defeats, the poker table offers you real opportunities to win money. But one should never take it for granted. It’s a fact that poker is a tough game. One has to overcome many challenges to become the winner. It is very important for the novice players to learn in advance the best methods to become a successful player. One has to follow the best methods only to become the winner at the poker table. Not only that the path is difficult, it will take a little time also. Those who put consistent efforts can certainly get the desired results.

Here are a few useful tips for pokers who try to get into the right path to win in the game.

1. Be an expert in using the Odds

The good poker player must have clear idea about the Odds. It is also very important to know how to take advantage of the Odds. Those who are poor in using Odds are unlikely to master the game because proper use of Odds is the fundamental aspect of poker playing. Also, without good knowledge of Odds it will be difficult to grasp the other methods to gain expertise in poker. When a poker player correctly knows exactly when to fold his Aces, he becomes the best player. The player who really folds an overpair is indeed an expert player. When the player understands the Odds correctly, he comes to know about the probability.

2. Choose your game and master the same

Poker players who have mastered the game can have various options – The Texas Hold’em Tournaments, Stud single table tournaments, Omaha Cash Games and more. However, those who have the ambition to become the best player must choose one game – either Texas Hold’em or Seven-Card Stud or Omaha Hi, etc. and also must go for either Limit or no-Limit or Pot Limit. Also they may opt for one particular variation such as Cash-games, Single Table games or Multi-table games. This approach will help them to become the best player in the field of their choice and ultimately they become true masters. Those who keep on changing their field may be able to make money, but fail to become masters.

3. Avoid playing too many hands

Pokers who play too many hands will be losers. Those who want to master the game should practice playing only few hands. In most of the games playing 15 – 20% of the hands will be the proper approach. Try to earn maximum amount of money instead of playing too many hands.

4. Make the best use of Pot Odds

When a player starts making the best use of Pot Odds, he starts to win in the game. From the manner in which he uses the Pot Odds, we can determine whether the player is a winner or a loser.

5. Play against bad players to earn more money

If you choose to play against a master poker player, he will easily find out the games that are more profitable and will earn maximum amount of money. Those who want to master the game should make it a point to play against bad players initially.

6. Learn to determine expected value and also know how to use the same in the proper way

Making use of expected value is also as important as making the best use of Pot Odds. A master poker will always calculate the expected value according to the situation. This will enable him to foresee how much money he will earn or lose based on how he plays.

7. Keep on playing with patience and perseverance

One cannot become master poker overnight. He has to play hour after hour, week after week. This is the only way to master the game. Though the game is interesting one may lose interest while receiving very small returns continuously. Even if a few games go without earning, the player should not give up. He must continue to play with strong determination to attain mastery over the game.

8. Master Bluffing

Most of Poker players come across with bluffing problem. It is safe to bluff occasionally but, those who bluff too much will land in problem. When a poker could play profitably for 3 months continuously, he can start to make semi-bluffs. He may abstain from making straight bluffs. Then he can start making one bluff for every session. In this way one has to come out of the bluffing problem.

9. Winning player will have consistent strategy

The real master player keeps on winning his games just because he applies the same strategy to win in all his games. Without valid reasons a successful player will not change his strategy.


A poker player can become a winning player by making sustained efforts and also by making a few simple adjustments. Emotional approach and superstitions will take you nowhere. Those who play poker with a logical approach and apply mathematics for playing the game can easily become successful players. One learns this game over time. When he attains true mastery, he keeps on playing profitably.