Top 5 Poker Movies

The popularity of poker games is getting increased all over the world due to their interesting features. The Hollywood family always seems to have a plan to cash in on such popular things. A number of poker movies have already been directed and produced over the years. If we talk about the latest one of all, The Card Counter is released in the present year and is already making it to the news for all the positive reasons. However, we are going to talk about the top 5 poker movies of all times that are extremely popular with the viewers out there.

Lucky You

Lucky You is considered as one of the best poker movies of all times. It is about a poker player named as Huck Cheever who want to make a name in the poker world. The main issue with him is that he is living under the shadow of his father. The cinematography and selection of cast is just spot on and the movie received mixed reaction and feedback from the critics and the viewers.

The Grand

The Grand, released back in the year 2007 is perhaps the only poker movie in our list with a touch of comedy in it. The story line revolves around a group of friends that entered a poker tournament with an aim to win huge amount of rewards. It involves a decent group of actors and the casual-story line of the movie keeps the viewers interested in the movie till the end.

Molly’s Game

We are talking about a movie based on real story with a realistic touch about it. The movie revolves around Molly Bloom who used to manage high-fi poker games and tournaments involving some of the world’s most popular celebrities and other giants. It is one of the most expertly written and produced movie that got all the praise from the critics due to its realistic story line and wonderful acting skills of the crew.

All In

If you have an interest in knowing more about the history and beginning of poker game, then All In is the go-to movie for you. It is based on the journey on how poker became one of the most popular hobbies or an indoor sport all the world especially America. For the viewers who have a taste for history, this is a must to watch film that comes with a perfect story line and up to the mark cinematography.


If we talk about the best poker movie of all times, all the critics will agree on the name of the movie Rounders that came on the silver screens for the first time back in the year 1998. The story revolves around the story of Mike and his poker adventures. It is ranked at the top of the list due to its unique storyline and its popularity does not seem to decrease even a bit after so many years of its release.

It turns out that the poker lovers cannot have a dull day and they cannot get bored ever due to the presence of such classic movies on the internet. Have a quick look at the options discussed above and select one option to make your weekend an exciting one. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the latest release, The Card Counter that is getting premiered this month.