Top 5 Poker Pros And How Much Money They Make?

The earnings of poker players have always been a fascinating subject to discuss. The highs and dips in their earnings can differ severely, ranging from $10000 per year to $1,000,000 per year. It has been observed that players make steadier income through cash games, while professional tournaments are pretty unpredictable. The stake put on each game also determines the extent of their earnings. Here’s the list of the top 5 poker players, along with their earnings.

Dan Bilzerian

He is one of the poker players who gives credit for his multi-millionaire wealth to poker and his high stake games. He is the wealthiest poker player in the world. He has claimed to earn $50 million in 2014. However, Bilzerian has never got hitched to a major tournament, but he credits cash games for his earnings. He has made 200 million approximately from poker. However, he has not registered any huge wins in any other tournaments.

Sam Farha

He is one of the famous Omaha cash players with very high stake games. He has named three WSOP bracelets in his career of poker playing. As a result, he has earned approximately 100 million from poker. He also participates in big tournaments. He earned $488,241 from the World Series of Poker in 2010. He lost against Chris Moneymaker in the Main Event of 2003.

Phil Ivey

This American player has gained 10 WSOP bracelets in his name. He also owns the WTP title. He has crossed his miles up to 9 final tables along with the final table. Not only that, but he had also got 7th position in this game in 2009. Various prizes were won by him, like Aussie Millions LK Boutique in 2014 with an amount of AUS 4 million. Moreover, he also participates in cash games with high stakes. Once, he won $16 million after defeating Andy Beal in three days.

Chris Ferguson

He got his name involved in the enormous Ponzi scheme during Full Tilt Poker, rumoured to scam more than $444 million. However, he is still known as one of the most skilled poker players. He won the WSOP Main Event of the year 2000. He won a hefty amount of $1.5 million in this game. He has also garnered the finished money in the World Series of Poker 90 times. Here, he earned a massive proportion of his pay of $7 million.

Doyle Brunson

The milestone name of poker is Doyle Brunson, who has named ten bracelets of World Series in Poker. He conquered the Main Event of 1976 and the Main Event of 1977. He has also been an active player in cash games. Mainly he plays at the Bellagio and a combined poker game with $4000 and $8,000 blinds. He has collected more than $6.1 million due to his wins in live tournaments. The exact amount that he has collected from playing high stake games is still not entirely known. His total earnings have been around $75 million.

These were some of the top earners of the poker game. There are also other names like Bryn Kenney [$56 million], Daniel Negreanu [$50 million], Justin Bonomo [$49 million], etc.